6 Ways to Show Confidence and Power

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Everyone desires to be THAT girl.  The girl that positively shifts the energy in any room she walks into.  The girl that stands tall and possesses the authenticity that calls on everyone around her to listen and trust in her abilities.  This girl must truly know who she is and is obviously extremely comfortable in her own skin.  She revels in knowing the way and inspiring others to follow. That girl possesses true CONFIDENCE, and POWER.

Having confidence is powerful.  Whether it is a job interview, a public speaking engagement, a sales pitch, etc., the level of confidence you display can make or break your case.  Persuading others to buy into what you are saying is highly dependent on whether you believe in yourself or not.  Being nervous is not synonymous with lacking confidence.  Confidence is having a distinctive level of certainty.  It’s knowing how to turn your emotions into valuable assets.  It’s converting your energy into powerful tools of persuasion.

We can all access confidence and convey more power from within ourselves and project how we feel through our posture, our tone of voice, and even our mannerisms.  Simply being more aware of how we speak, dress, and maneuver throughout a situation can help us maintain a more confident image. 

Here are 6 Ways to Show Confidence and Power:


Your appearance tells people how they should perceive you.  Your attire should make a strong statement without using words.  If you are a woman who wants to convey a strong message of confidence and power, you should choose your outfit accordingly.  Pant suits and blazers convey a message of authority and leadership for women.  The colors you choose to wear also aid in forming other people’s perception of you.  For instance, the color black is associated with confidence and power.  The Lobby Boutique Executive Suite Collection offers a variety of blazers and other unique and sexy business attire that will help you knock your next job interview, business meeting, or public speaking engagement out of the park. 


Your posture typically reveals how you are really feeling.  People around you observe your body language to determine your mood.  Slouching is a sure sign that you lack positive, assertive energy.  Your lack of confidence is very evident in the way you hold your shoulders and head. Try to roll your shoulders back with your spine straight up.  Also, make sure you hold your head up as you look in the direction of who you are speaking to.  This is a positive display of your current mood and shows people that you are strongly aware of your presence and are in full control.


Repeat after me, “How now brown cow’.  Repeating this phrase is the perfect way to exercise your jaw muscles and allows you to practice annunciating words more clearly and correctly.  Emphasizing each syllable in your words helps to ensure clarity, which also helps others understand and persuades them to trust what you are saying.  Speaking more clearly can help you appear more well-rounded and knowledgeable while helping to establish your authority.  Clarity, trust, and authority are all key components for displaying more confidence and maintaining a powerful presence.


Being nervous is natural in situations where the stakes are high.  Therefore, you must learn how to channel nervous energy and harness it in a positive way. When we are nervous, it shows through the tone of our voice and the speed at which we are speaking.  We speak faster and at higher pitches when we are out of our comfort zone.  Try to focus on speaking slower and more accurately. It may seem like you are speaking too slowly, but, if your nerves are in high gear, slowing down the pace at which you are speaking is highly recommended and doesn’t sound as awkward as it feels.  Take the time to feel the energy in the room, and focus on your message, instead of reactions.  As the speaker, you control the flow. Slowing things down helps you relax and projects a more calm, controlled, and confident state of mind. 


Fidgeting while you speak can be a dead give away that you lack confidence.  It makes you appear nervous and anxious about the encounter.  This makes others feel uncomfortable and depletes their willingness to trust you.  You want to show people that you believe whole heartedly in what you are saying and persuade them to do the same.  You should not use your hands to distract yourself from the awkwardness and nervousness you may be feeling internally.  They should be used as a visual to help demonstrate your intentions for the words you are using.  Your hands and body language should align with your words and help in guiding the thoughts they project.


Last, but certainly not least is making eye contact.  This is a MAJOR ASPECT in helping display confidence and power.  Your eyes are indeed the windows to your soul.  We constantly communicate non-verbally with our eyes.  When we want to convey a strong, powerful message, eye contact is our biggest ally.  When you deliberately make eye contact with someone, you are inviting them into your world and telling them that you are in control.  You will find that some people will choose to stay locked in, while others find it uncomfortable and will quickly look away.  Regardless of whether they lock in or look away, you have established a dominant and powerful role in the transaction.  Your eyes will lead a person into your world and invite them to fully invest in what you are offering.

Confidence and power can help persuade others to value your opinion.  People want to be associated with those who are successful and sure about themselves. You can command attention and establish your authority by simply conveying confidence in what you are saying.  Your body language tells people how confident you feel and gives them a reason to either listen or to disregard what you are saying.  You do not have to hide your insecurities to appear more confident.  You can tell people you are nervous with your words, but your body language should always convey confidence. 

The next time you are called upon to speak on your own behalf, remain conscious of your body language.  Show people you are trustworthy and knowledgeable.  Keep them engaged and offer them an authentic experience by the way you carry yourself throughout the transaction.  Enjoy exchanging positive vibes and showing your confidence and power.

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